Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bali, I love you already.

I could wake up to this every day.


Early morning flights are the perfect reason to demand a caffeine boost. This iced caramel macchiato was heaven-sent.

After a rather harrowing time trying to get a cab which wouldn't cheat us at the airport, we sped off toward our resort, which I discovered is really, REALLY secluded (and that isn't a bad thing at all, really).

First things first: a luxurious dip in our very own villa pool. Yes, completely stunned when I saw this! Could it be any more gorgeous?

Parodying Sir Stamford Raffles at our villa entrance.


Out and about after our swim + afternoon tea. I realise, though, that my havis aren't all that good for walking :( 

The seafood shops along Jimbaran beach all had huge piles of coconut husks outside. 

A really interesting home we spotted! Reminds me of the Smurfs somehow.

Oh and the waves at the beach here are pretty lethal! Very different from our wimpy waves back home. Was thinking of trying out surfing but we'll see :) 

We had plans to check out an open-air bar on a rocky outcropping nearby but decided to skip it in favour of: room service! Prawn linguine, roasted chicken leg and fried calamari - all yummilicious!

Ending this post with another random shot around the resort. Lovin' my cropped owl-pocket tee and denim shorts; they're the most comfy casual wear ever :) 

Peace out. Can't wait to see more of Bali tomorrow!

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