Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sorry for the hiatus!

Been working at the Yeosu Expo, Korea for six days and loving every minute of it! I am so so blessed and grateful to have this chance to work (and play) overseas.

Here's what I've been up to the past few days ^^

Visited a cute little cafe tucked away on the 2nd floor at Jinnamgwan, a popular shopping area in Yeosu. 

A silly photo of me touching pretty birdcages in the cafe. The seats were mucho luxurious. We had yummy waffles there :) 

Spotted this vintage shop from afar and we were not disappointed when we went in. The shop is absolutely lovely, full of vintage goodies and cute trinkets! The pretty owner has two super adorable shihtzus too <3

A hearty breakfast at the Belgium Pavilion!

Craving for churros - satisfied. 

One random night where I got dragged to this happening place nearby called Bodega. Korean girls are so pretty and friendly and nice! ;) 

Lithuanian dancers! Met them at a bird photography exhibition.

And what's been happening this weekend at the Singapore Pavilion: a celebration of our vibrant multicultural city! I was wearing a cheongsam...inspired dress.

Be back soon with more photo goodies ^^

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