Wednesday, May 16, 2012

fighting 24/7.

Giordano basic top
Styled Symmetry purple velvet skirt
Diva necklace

A quick shot of my outfit today. Just caught The Avengers and thought my eardrums were about to burst, it was that loud. We found Captain America too much of a goody-two-shoes, Ironman way too egoistic, and the Incredible Hulk a provider of much-needed comic relief.

You know, it's amazing how the human spirit and heart is so enraptured by age-old stories of good triumphing over evil; it's something we never get sick of hearing about. Always good to be reminded of that in a world full of tragedy. We wage battles, big and small, in our lives too. Practicality vs. spontaneity; short-term indulgence vs. long-term happiness. I guess it sometimes feels like we are caught in a little balancing act, and anything we say or do can tip the scales on either end.

They say the choices we make define who we are. Well, I choose to make choices that reflect who I am. And experimenting and defining my own personal style is, I suppose, one way to do that. :)

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