Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Went a little overboard with Decopic today. I really have a bad case of mid-week blues, don't I.

A few pictures of my lovely buys recently: 

staticfumes classic black strap watch
Because I need a trustworthy companion on my solo flight to Korea in a few weeks' time. 
Yeah I'm such a scaredy-cat. 

Jardin beige clogs
Because they were insanely comfy and so, so pretty! And the salesgirl was really friendly, loads of brownie points for that! Love the mirrored edges too, adds a touch of glam to this pair.

riotloco studded floral blouse

Because I need statement pieces in my wardrobe, which I find quite dismal. 

And just for the record: I don't think I qualify as a shopaholic at all. I don't salivate all over my phone and do the 'fastest fingers' thing when a blogshop launches a new collection. I don't hanker after getting my hands on a particular 'IT' bag (although I must admit the Celine luggage bag is looking very attractive), or get an item in multiple, varying shades simply because I love aaaallll the colours - how could I resist!

Get your labels right, and if you can't, then please exclude me from your stereotypical nonsense.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Sometimes I feel like my life's in limbo. 
Tonight is one of these times. 
I hate it when people leave.
And I seem to be...stuck.  
My colleague laughed at my sentimentality today. 
He asked me to live with change because change always happens. 
But a part of me refuses to accept that. 

I know we all want to find our way in this world.
We want to be happy, with ourselves and what we're doing. 
But happiness, shallow as it is, seems a bit too elusive these days. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

new day, new you.


Clogs: from hongkong
ring: diva
pearl bracelets: h&m

We ventured into this charming little garden in the heart of the city a while back. I think it's nice to have these pockets of quiet spaces amidst the busy honking of cars and the hurried gaits of people with purpose. Here, in this garden almost reaching the sky, you can just... leave it all aside and revel in the fresh smelling air, the chirping lull of invisible friends all around you. My heart feels at rest when I look at these pictures; it speaks to me of peace, of simplicity, of solitude. And that, I think, is something I sorely lack in my everyday living.

Times of refreshing, here in Your presence.
Blessed Sunday everyone! x

Saturday, May 26, 2012

oodles and oodles

To sum up my funtastic few weeks, in no particular order:

free ice cream by the river, watching touristy boats sail by
first taste of singha beer, which is pronounced simply as "sing" in thailand
munching on quesadillas and nachos, yes I couldn't stop
movin' to the music in pump room, everyone who seemed old went wild at We Are Young
getting compliments for walking about for an hour or so in heels, which were actually wedges
reading maps successfully, yay for location services
slurping up medicine-tasting cocktails at Sauce
virgin limo ride (okay fine it was stationary), excited much!
doing a hello panda pose with legalised graffiti

have a smashing weekend! x

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The only thing on my mind right now.

{via weheartit}

Oh boy. I think the Wednesday blues hit me much harder than Monday blues, really. Especially since we've been having insane thunderstorms in the wee hours of the morning these days, and my jittery dog keeps whining and barking because he's afraid of thunder and lightning. Which results in me getting pretty pissed because I get so little sleep. And I was brilliant enough to bang my forehead really hard against the wall next to my bed today. Klutz is my middle name indeed.

So, mainly, what I want to say is: 


Lemming to hit the beach this weekend for some sun - hopefully I'll make my way down to H&M soon to score this gorgeous bikini set I've had my eyes on <3 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

sweet dreams are made of these


Utterly charmed by our day in Seminyak, Bali. The shops were so unique, so diverse, and there were loads of little trinkets to ogle at.

floral romper: thevelvetdolls
arm candy: diva


Celebrated our 3rd anniversary at a gorgeous beachside dining venue, Breeze @ The Samaya. The weather was perfect, although clouds had to obscure our view of the setting sun. I saw little puppies frolicking happily in the sand, and couples strolling hand in hand, the waves crashing gently onto the shore. Vic was absolutely taken with the food (and I with the dessert).
Love is certainly a many-splendored thing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

fighting 24/7.

Giordano basic top
Styled Symmetry purple velvet skirt
Diva necklace

A quick shot of my outfit today. Just caught The Avengers and thought my eardrums were about to burst, it was that loud. We found Captain America too much of a goody-two-shoes, Ironman way too egoistic, and the Incredible Hulk a provider of much-needed comic relief.

You know, it's amazing how the human spirit and heart is so enraptured by age-old stories of good triumphing over evil; it's something we never get sick of hearing about. Always good to be reminded of that in a world full of tragedy. We wage battles, big and small, in our lives too. Practicality vs. spontaneity; short-term indulgence vs. long-term happiness. I guess it sometimes feels like we are caught in a little balancing act, and anything we say or do can tip the scales on either end.

They say the choices we make define who we are. Well, I choose to make choices that reflect who I am. And experimenting and defining my own personal style is, I suppose, one way to do that. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

steak me out

Spontaneity and steak go together pretty well.

Random dinner date at Lawry's because V was craving for a good steak. Of course I obliged ;)

Yorkshire pudding (the pancake lookalike) was quite yummy. And my filet migon was just the right portion of meat for me.

full tums!  

That fateful day, I got a horrid fringe which made me look (even) more like a kid. It has grown out thankfully. Time to try out curls again soon!
Sleep tight and have a blessed Sunday, y'all.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Being the very (in)efficient sort of blogger that I am, these photos were taken way back in March - but the good thing about Singapore is, the weather stays the same all-year round so you can (sort of) legitimately post "new" outfit shots up.

I  think this has got to be my favourite series of shots, ever. The Broers Cafe has the most amazing coffee and sandwiches. And my dog had a luxurious spa + doggy treat too, so this day was simply...perfect.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fingertips, schmingertips

The dreaded flu bug has been bugging me since last weekend. I have been such a homebody, and  I haven't even caught The Avengers yet. How awful eh :( 

In the meantime, am occupying myself with planning my very own get-well-soon agenda, which comprises the following:


Watch My Best Enemy, an Austrian WWII show, screening at the European Union Film Festival.
Picnic under the stars at Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.


Hang out with my ever-greedy pooch at Canopy Cafe.


Drool over gorgeous models and apparel at all-time favourite website Fashion Gone Rogue.
Enjoy Aimee Song's effortless, breezy style over at @songofstyle on instagram and

Till next time, folks. x