Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Went a little overboard with Decopic today. I really have a bad case of mid-week blues, don't I.

A few pictures of my lovely buys recently: 

staticfumes classic black strap watch
Because I need a trustworthy companion on my solo flight to Korea in a few weeks' time. 
Yeah I'm such a scaredy-cat. 

Jardin beige clogs
Because they were insanely comfy and so, so pretty! And the salesgirl was really friendly, loads of brownie points for that! Love the mirrored edges too, adds a touch of glam to this pair.

riotloco studded floral blouse

Because I need statement pieces in my wardrobe, which I find quite dismal. 

And just for the record: I don't think I qualify as a shopaholic at all. I don't salivate all over my phone and do the 'fastest fingers' thing when a blogshop launches a new collection. I don't hanker after getting my hands on a particular 'IT' bag (although I must admit the Celine luggage bag is looking very attractive), or get an item in multiple, varying shades simply because I love aaaallll the colours - how could I resist!

Get your labels right, and if you can't, then please exclude me from your stereotypical nonsense.

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