Saturday, June 2, 2012

white as snow

I love my acid-washed high-waisted shorts. Picked them up at a flea a few weeks back, and wore them paired with a white collar-tipped top for a little jaunt around our humble city. Took my snakeskin creepers out for a spin too; am glad they got some sun because I can't really wear them on weekdays. Also debuting my leopard-print chunky bracelet, which was (literally) gold <3

Night out with the jc mates with fantastic wine and sweet Moet champagne. V also got me this perfect-smelling bottle of whipped body cream, which is super soft and light on the skin. Almost seems edible too!


So anyhow. Word is that famed French fashion designer Roland Mouret was appalled at the lack of fashion-forward people here. I can't say that I disagree. That's the thing about a society which prizes efficiency and practicality - we become rather de-personalised, mindless drones who forget about building creativity in our haste to build skyscrapers. Can we not strive to enjoy the imperfect mish-mash of our concrete city in a garden instead, and bring to life the beauty, and not the efficacy, of all around us (including ourselves)?

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