Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sorry for the hiatus!

Been working at the Yeosu Expo, Korea for six days and loving every minute of it! I am so so blessed and grateful to have this chance to work (and play) overseas.

Here's what I've been up to the past few days ^^

Visited a cute little cafe tucked away on the 2nd floor at Jinnamgwan, a popular shopping area in Yeosu. 

A silly photo of me touching pretty birdcages in the cafe. The seats were mucho luxurious. We had yummy waffles there :) 

Spotted this vintage shop from afar and we were not disappointed when we went in. The shop is absolutely lovely, full of vintage goodies and cute trinkets! The pretty owner has two super adorable shihtzus too <3

A hearty breakfast at the Belgium Pavilion!

Craving for churros - satisfied. 

One random night where I got dragged to this happening place nearby called Bodega. Korean girls are so pretty and friendly and nice! ;) 

Lithuanian dancers! Met them at a bird photography exhibition.

And what's been happening this weekend at the Singapore Pavilion: a celebration of our vibrant multicultural city! I was wearing a cheongsam...inspired dress.

Be back soon with more photo goodies ^^

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Annyeong! I have something horrible to share...

I have been pigging out. A lot.

Perhaps it's due to how I feel that I have so little time left to prepare for my work trip next week. Have been doing some quick research on what I can do in Yeosu, Korea during my three-week work stint there. To aid my rather poor short-term memory, here's a short list of the places I wanna visit!

1. Odongdo

"Essentially a botanical garden, the island of Odongdo is crisscrossed by a deliciously scented network of pine- and bamboo-lined path, and has become a popular picnicking destination for local families. A 700m-long causeway connects it to the mainland, and if you don't feel like walking you can hop on the bus – resembling a train – for a small fee. The island's paths snake up to a lighthouse, the view from which gives a far clearer rendition of Yeosu's surroundings than can be had from Jinnamgwan in the city centre. In the summer, kids love to cool off in the fountain by the docks on the northern shore – the water show comes on every twenty minutes or so." - via roughguides

The pictures are super cool aren't they. Makes you feel like you've been transported into the pages of Wuthering Heights, what with the craggy rocks and crashing waves. Maybe that should be my outfit inspiration when I go take pictures with rocks there ;) Note to self: buy comfy walking shoes before going!

2. Naganeupseong Folk Village

"Naganeupseong Folk Village is located in Jeollanam-do Province, and contains a town castle that is over 18,000 Pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.3 sq m) in size. Within the east, south and west of the castle, about 100 families still reside, and the castle area has been very well preserved. You can observe the daily dwellings indigenous to the south provincial area such as the kitchen area, the clay rooms, and Korean-style verandas. There are also 9 houses designated as important cultural resources, and numerous straw-roof houses as well.

When you enter the front gate of Naganeupseong Folk Village, on the east side of the castle (called “Nakpung-ru”), you see a straight road leading to town. Follow along this road and you will come across the General Im Kyeong-Eop Monument, resource center, and other interesting sites. You may also walk to the end of this road, climb up to the castle itself, and walk along the castle wall to the south. The entire castle is exceptionally well-preserved, and you can view the whole town from the top level." - via visitkorea

Well this is pretty far away (in Suncheon, a forty-minute trip out of Yeosu apparently), but it seems like a pretty eye-opening experience! And there are NO rocks to take pictures with. Yey. Oh and I found this really great blog post to read up on!
Too tired to do more in-depth research now. I'll be baaaackkk. Nights!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

d a z e


Taken after celebrating my Granny's 82nd at the Singapore Recreation Club. The heat was quite a killer, but I cajoled V the obliging boyfriend+photog into checking out the top of this multi-storey carpark to do outfit shots. And...voila! They took all of five minutes - largely because the sun was waaayyy too vicious for us to do much else. 

Friday, June 8, 2012


{all via tumblr}

Just a few pictures to give shape to my current mood.

My weekend is gonna be jam-packed with activities: 
Saturday --- running errands, possibly getting V the new Samsung SIII. 
Sunday --- church, granny's birthday and an ex-colleague's wedding. 

have a good one y'all ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 Meet my new favourite chill-out spot. Bright, airy and cheery - just the place you need to recharge and return to every time you need to soothe your frazzled nerves. 

I was actually moaning about eating solo because I couldn't contact my cuzzie. Later on, though, I realised what a perfect place it was to escape from a dreary, unexciting Monday. And, this made it even better - my cuzzie managed to make her way here! So glad I made time to catch up with her <3

Finally dug out this Zara-inspired skirt from my wardrobe. I think lots of people got all goggle-eyed when they saw it. But I absolutely adore its high-low goodness; think I'll bring it with me to Korea (can't believe I'm leaving in two weeks!) Went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman - completely boring, and completely disliked Kirsten Stewart's stoned look throughout. Bah.

Ending this post with a random phrase which was floating around in my mind. I originally wanted this to be a tribute to Instagram, my favouritest iPhone app ever, but I realise it applies to all the people who have blessed and impacted me in one way or another. So...thank you.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

white as snow

I love my acid-washed high-waisted shorts. Picked them up at a flea a few weeks back, and wore them paired with a white collar-tipped top for a little jaunt around our humble city. Took my snakeskin creepers out for a spin too; am glad they got some sun because I can't really wear them on weekdays. Also debuting my leopard-print chunky bracelet, which was (literally) gold <3

Night out with the jc mates with fantastic wine and sweet Moet champagne. V also got me this perfect-smelling bottle of whipped body cream, which is super soft and light on the skin. Almost seems edible too!


So anyhow. Word is that famed French fashion designer Roland Mouret was appalled at the lack of fashion-forward people here. I can't say that I disagree. That's the thing about a society which prizes efficiency and practicality - we become rather de-personalised, mindless drones who forget about building creativity in our haste to build skyscrapers. Can we not strive to enjoy the imperfect mish-mash of our concrete city in a garden instead, and bring to life the beauty, and not the efficacy, of all around us (including ourselves)?