Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have to confess that I took a shocking amount of photos in my month away from home. Did my best to showcase only my best memories and moments, ta-da! Presenting my first week in Yeosu, in pictorial form. 

And what a week it was, namely because of these (in no particular order): 
  1. Banana milk, perfect as a breakfast treat
  2. A stunning performance by famed Turkish group Fire of Anatolia 
  3. Stumbling upon a gorgeous vintage store in Jinnamgwan 
  4. Fantastic dance moves by our very own Singaporean dancers 
  5. Churros, churros, churros. What more can I say. 
  6. The glorious, glorious weather. I had to sleep with socks on the first few days, but toughened up much faster than I thought I would. 

More to come in a few!

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